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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Soils and Tree Fruit Nutrition at WSU-TFREC

The Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center of WSU in Wenatchee has a long tradition of research in soil science and tree fruit nutrition. WSU-TFREC has been the leader into studies on the effects of lead and arsenic contamination from historic and widespread use of lead arsenate for codling moth control; replant disorder arising from a complex of pathogens, which builds up in commercial orchard soils; and fruit disorders created by nutrition imbalances.

Currently, WSU-TFREC has no assigned faculty in soil science. However, Dr. Lee Kalcsits, plant physiologist; and David Granatstein, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist; conduct activities in soils and nutrition. Dr. Frank Peryea is soil scientist emeritus. Dr. Joan Davenport, formerly at WSU-TFREC, is now located at the WSU-Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser.

Most of the information currently on this website was compiled by Dr. Jennifer Moore-Kucera, now at Texas Tech University.

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