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Dr. Frank Peryea

Associate Soil Scientist

Fertilizer management; microelement nutrition; environmental geochemistry.

B.A. University of Michigan 1976; B.S. Michigan State University 1979; Ph.D. University of California Riverside 1984


  • Peryea, F.J. 1995. Think zinc! Good Fruit Grower 46:33-35.

  • Kalbasi, M., F.J. Peryea, W.L. Lindsay, and S.R. Drake. 1995. Measurement of divalent lead activity in lead arsenate-contaminated soils. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 59(5):1274-1280.

  • Peryea, F.J. and R. Kammereck. 1995. Phosphate-enhanced movement of arsenic our of lead arsenate-contaminated topsoil and through uncontaminated subsoil. Water Air Soil Pollut. (in press).

  • Peryea, F.J. 1994. Soil acidification potential of nitrogen solutions used for fertigation. Proc. Washington State Hort. Assoc. 90:151-154.

  • Peryea, F.J. 1994. Fertigation in Washington apple orchards. Proc. Washington State Hort. Assoc. 90:155-157.



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