Tree Fruit Soils and Nutrition



The 17 essential elements are: 

C H O P K N S Ca Fe Mg B Mn Cu Zn Mo Cl Ni

Chlorine (Cl)

Form used by plants:


Important functions:

  • Important enzyme component and in the production of vitamin A

  • Important in photosynthesis, protein and carbohydrate metabolism 

  • and probably involved in N fixation

Ideal foliage range for apple leaves:

Ideal fruit concentration:

Ideal soil range:

Soil testing for Cl- is not a common practice.

It is mobile in soils.

Best indicators: 

Mobility in plant:

Not remobilized within plant

Deficiency symptoms:

  • Interveinal chlorosis first seen on young leaves 
  • Overall wilting
  • Necrosis in some plant parts, leaf bronzing, and reduced root growth

Increased risk of Cl deficiencies on:

Excess problems/Interactions with other elements:

No distinctive problems.




Updated July 13, 2004


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