Tree Fruit Soils and Nutrition


Standard adequacy ranges for foliar nutrient contents of some essential elements for tree fruits (after Shear and Faust, 1980)

Element Crop Desired level
Nitrogen Young, nonbearing apples and pears 2.4-2.6%
  Young, bearing apples and pears 2.2-2.4%
  Mature soft apples and pears 1.8-2.2%
  Mature hard apples and processing 2.2-2.4%
  Cherries, plums, prunes 2.4-3.4%
  Peaches 3.0-4.0%
Phosphorus Apple 0.11-0.3%
  Stone fruit 0.12-0.4%
Potassium Apple 1.2-2.0%
  Stone fruit 1.0-3.0%
Calcium Apple 1.5-2.0%
  Stone fruit 0.7-3.7%
Magnesium Apples 0.2-3.5%
  Stone fruits 0.25-1.0%
Manganese Apples 25-150 ppm
  Stone fruits 20-300 ppm
Boron Apples and pears 20-50 ppm
  Stone fruits 20-80 ppm
Zinc Apples 15-200 ppm
  Stone fruits 12-75 ppm
Copper Apples 5-20 ppm
  Stone fruits 6-25 ppm
Iron Apples 40-400 ppm
  Stone fruits 20-800 ppm
Nutrients mobile in plant
(deficiency symptoms show first on older growth)
Nutrients not remobilized (in general) in plants 
(deficiency symptoms show first on new growth)
N, P, K, Mg, Mo, and Na Ca, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Cl, and Zn, and S (slightly mobile)





Updated July 12, 2004


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