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General Soil Science Links:

Soil Science Society of America homepage:

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at WSU:

Soil Quality Institute Homepage:

Sciences of Soils- Soil Sciences on the web:

Online soil glossary of terms:

National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists Homepage:

Intro soils info can be found here:

Intro soils class with info online from Penn State University:

WWW virtual library soils and substrates:

Basic soils class from the University of Alberta (click on soils 201):


Soil Classification Info:

Introduction to the world of soils (soil classification site):

Keys to soil taxonomy:

The 12 soil orders (University of Idaho site):

Soil survey info:

Soil maps:

Soil orders: .


General Microbiology Info and Soil Microbiology Sites:

Cool microbiology site (was a pbs series):

Glossary of soil microbiology terms:

Soil microbiology and biochemistry links:

KSU soil microbiology lab manual:

Great microbiology site (The microbe zoo):

Another great microbiology site (the microbe world):

Soil microbiology web site from Iowa State University (click on the short videos)

Some specific soil organisms web sites:


soil invertebrates



Other Links:

WSU Crop and Soil Sciences Department

Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources

Soils of Washington Interactive Map -VERY COOL!!

NEW!! Soil Art

NEW!! World Soil Resources

National Soil Survey CenterSoil Science Education Website

National Soil Survey Home

Tokul- Washington's State Soil (photo and description)

SSSA Soil Biology and Biochemistry links

University Soil Science Departments

Soil Science Society of America

BLM-Soil Biological Communities

The WWW virtual library/forestry/soils and substrates

Official Soil Series Description, USDA-NRCS-NSDAF

The Soil Survey Division website

Soil Information Systems Lab at Cornell Univeristy

National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists, Inc

Here's a free screen saver for Win 95/98 & NT featuring Soil Order Maps and Photos

Soil and Water Web (lots of great links)




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